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In An Abusive Relationship? Here Are The Signs

It’s designed to confuse you. First come the fists, then come the apologies, promises and loving gestures. You’re told you’re the only one that can help. You’re told this is the last time. You’re told you can’t leave, that they’ll find you. Do you know the signs that you’re in an abusive relationship?

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NFL Monday Morning Quarterback, DrBev, Holla’!

DrBev joins Malcom for a insightful look into the NFL  including commentary on Ray Rice and Domestic Violence.  Finally, DrBev gets an opportunity to talk […]

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Uxoricide???? The Murder of a Woman by her Romantic Partner

The effect on children of the murder of a parent by the other parent, or uxoricide, is immediate and devastating. Usually in a single act, […]

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