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Relationship Predator: I don’t like being alone! Gotcha’ Now

DrBev, I don’t like being Alone. I feel like a relationship ‘Predator’. I don’t realize how many womyn/men I hurt until it’s too late. Lonely, I can’t seem to handle me, myself and I, not by myself. I need another’s body next to mine to feel whole.

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War Doesn’t End When They Get Home: War, War Never Changes

I have a lot of respect for veterans, because they are people who go through experiences that few others have to go through, and many […]

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Take a little Time Between HeartAche and Emotional Pain…

Read Between the lines.  It has often been called by many names, such as unhappy, gloomy, in the dumps, discouraged, disappointed, ashamed, useless, worthless, ill […]

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