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Just Say NO! Regain Your Personal Power & Positive Self-Esteem

just say no carved into a tree

“No” is a lesson that we’ve carried from our earliest memories, and these memories are encapsulated in deep emotions. We have to negotiate around that little word “no” to be able to release some of our limitations that we have placed on ourselves. The key is to learn how to regain your personal power and positive self-esteem.

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Thank You Beautiful: Abandonment! I Will Love Again.

After Beautiful left me, told me we were over I was devastated. How could this be happening to me, again? I knew she said she […]

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U 2? Even Swap – No Swindle Abandonment, Denial, & Betrayal

Have you been torn away from your mother at birth and put into the nursery, given up for adoption or been left in foster care, been physically or sexually abused, been unseen or misunderstood by parents or other caregivers, been lied to, been unprotected by a parent or caregivers, been teased or left out with siblings or peers, been left at a young age to care of yourself, a parent, or other siblings?

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