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Teens Living In An Age Of Fear

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Society and circumstances are changing faster than any of us can fully comprehend. If you blink – you’ll find yourself ten steps behind and technologically out of date. Let’s face it – it is a different playing field today and if you don’t have the right tools and the proper mindset – you’re lost! Just look at these numbers…

The average teen sends close to …

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Emotionally Healthy Children with Guest Dr. Nekeshia Hammond

This Emotions R Us podcast explores how to raise emotionally healthy children.

When children aren’t given information, they fill in the blanks – something we’ve all experienced growing up. When children are lied to – they grow up thinking that lying is acceptable behavior. When children are misdiagnosed – it does irreparable damage to …

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A New Rule about Life: Just look the other way? No Not!

Are you dating someone with children? Moved in with a lover and you both have children. Planning an engagement event? Preparing for a Civil Union, […]

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