Young Women

 Your dilemma is very common. I want to start by recognizing the truth of our modern culture; we revere youth. It’s not fair, it’s not just, and it is what it is.  Many men over a certain age want to hold on to their own youth by dating younger women.  From a man’s perspective, they feel women their age place too much pressure on the relationship for marriage. 

 DrBev is making very broad generalizations, because relationships between people of huge differences in age work out all the time. It just sounds like it’s not what you are attracted to or looking for and youthe  feel emotional pain of not having what you want right NOW.
Research shows that men looking for much younger women run the risk of becoming a father-figure to a woman, rather than an equal partner.  Also, vast age difference is one of the factors that contribute to divorce.

I want to assure you that mature, confident, and emotionally healthy men do exist in the age range you are looking for. And he is looking for you; a relationship that is based on two equals, common interests, shared values, and a foundation of both emotional and age-based maturity.  Really, you only want that ONE.  Actually you only need ONE. Know your Worth. ~~ Emotion R Us!!!


DrBev is a National Certified Counselor, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and a Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist, Seminar - WorkShop Facilitator, Radio Personality, Author and President and Educational Director of DrBev Mental Health Counseling.
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