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I am excited about creating this new Mental Health Training Course for professionals listed on CE Broker of which there is nothing like this Unique Training ‘Cutting-Edge’ Informational and Didactic Learning Experience.

The state of Florida requires that all mental health professional registered interns, LCSWs, LMHCs, LMFTs and Licensed Psychologists continue to further their education for the betterment of you as an expert and the betterment of the lives of your patients and colleagues.

The course is expected to be didactic, live and interactional, not a home-study or book and test based learning experience. Below, are the state’s requirements of content that must be included in continuing education courses and my approach to these requirements to the course curriculum.

First, the course is expected to present information on Shame, Co-Occurring and Dual Diagnose disorders as related to alcohol and drug treatment.  Recent Epidemiologic Surveys show that more than 10 million Americans have co-existing substance related and mental health disorders.

Beverly Jackson, NCC, LMHC and Qualified Supervisor has developed a method of helping the participants to use their knowledge of practice theories to guide their thoughts about shame-based behaviors and clients. As a result of the exploration of models of clients, the participants of the training are usually able to develop their own personal model of client interaction.

Another objective of the course is to help the participants explore the “co-evolving relationship dynamics between the therapist-client dyad, and the triad of shame-therapist-client relationships”.

New therapists are helped to understand the dynamics of their relationship with their clients. This is often accomplished with their increased knowledge, guidance and support while exploring the relationship between the shame-based behaviors; Co-occurring and dual diagnosed disorders.

The training course also allows participants to explore distinctive issues that arise in the developmental method of treatment. Some examples of issues that our participants have explored include: strategies for resolving conflicts before they become complaints, documentation of client assessment, groups, and treatment sessions; connecting the behavioral based treatment with treatment of the cause for client addiction and their actual addiction.

The therapeutic course incorporate study contextual variables such as shame, culture, gender, ethnicity, power and economics. Participants will become familiar with healing shame as one of the most important methods (interventions) for a practioner to learn.

Course will include research and methods of treatment dialogue concerning the role of “shame” and the reduction of the self-escalating spiral of misery, self-abuse, and/or abuse of others for clients, consumers, and patients. Many discussions have revolved around the many ways that clients can be shamed and the many ways that clients hid their shame; And increase client success rates.

Finally, participants are helped to understand the role and necessity of evaluative practices during the entire time of clients’ treatment.

The continued knowledge and psychoeducational process is one step in the nurturance of new mental health professionals.  Co-Occurring, Dual Diagnoses training and Assessment methods can be an exciting and mutually rewarding process when approached in the proper way.

Keep in mind, that you are availing yourself to new theories and information which are consistently becoming available, allowing these courses and your experience to remain fresh and stimulating.

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Very informative; good professional continuing education and experience. ~~WEST PALM BEACH, FL.


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