Qualified Supervisor Training

This course counts as 16 CEUs

Qualified Supervisor Training Florida

Qualified Supervisor Training Tampa Bay Florida

Florida Department of Health requires a 12 hour  face-to-face interactive training to obtain Qualified Supervisor status. CEBroker continues the opportunity for DrBev Mental Health Counseling, LLC to offer 16 hours Expert Training (see CEBroker logo on website pages).  This training is a prerequisite for supervision for licensure, but is extremely difficult and expensive to find Live expert supervision offering you much more than 16 CEUS training. Our fees are affordable.  See Testimonials, below:

To remedy that situation I provide Qualified Supervision Training and other continuing education training’s “Live” in person upon request to individuals (VIP – Private) and small groups within the state of Florida.

I especially focus on trainings for those professionals working in private practice; Social Services; Domestic Violence; Substance abuse; behavioral health; Alternative Life-Styles; Professional Athletes, Entertainers, Artists,  and their families; Veterans – Vietnam,  Afghanistan, Iraq, and anyone with regular contact or is impacted by the Military; Autism; Holistic modalities; Christian Counseling, Adults Survivors of Dysfunctional Families; PTSD, Mental Health Therapists and professional in the social-service fields.

I have arranged with Florida DOH for licensed mental health practitioners from legitimately accredited schools to receive Qualified Supervisor status within a matter of days and can submit all required documentation during the last hour of the face-to-face training on CE Broker.

Note to Participants:

Training is expected to be Intensive, Didactic, Live and interactional, Not-study or book and test based learning experience. The Training includes information and research from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and draws on legal and ethical standards for confidentiality, informed consent, and mandatory reporting (SAMHSA).

Participants will receive multiple hand-outs and real-life examples including PowerPoint presentation at no extra charge.

Are you a ready for the Qualified Supervisor Status?

Phone: 813-434-3705.

Are you interested in starting your own private practice and/or supervision business? You can have it all, 16 supervision CEUS and consultation that includes your individual action plan designed exclusively with your vision(s) of success. Phone (813) 434-3705 and make a private VIP appointment for yourself, today.

Bonus: I come to your location, time and days at your convenience.

GROUP TESTIMONIALS for DrBev Mental Health Counseling Supervisor Training’s

**December 2017, Jacqueline  S. Flynn, Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  Private Practice Provider/Owner.

**September 2014, Sharon Rinearson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, DAYTONA BEACH,FL.

**September 2014, Expert, Sandra Rico, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, MIAMI,FL.

**September 2014, Kathy Lichtenwalter, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, CAPE CORAL,FL.

**I was captivated during the entire learning process!  I felt like I learned so much from DrBev and my peers.   I felt comfortable, relaxed, valued and respected.  I look forward to further trainings with DrBev Mental Health Counseling. ~~CAPE CORAL, FL

**Training was very, very informative. Presenter was interesting, upbeat, and extremely engaging. LOVED IT!!! I feel motivated and encouraged to go home and be an EXPERT Qualified Supervisor ~~CAPE CORAL, FL

**This course provided me with the tools I will need to be an effective Supervisor as well as becoming aware of the risks and benefits of supervision.  I believe it will make me a better therapist. ~~PENSACOLA, FL

**This was probably the most beneficial training I have been to since my Master’s Program. The format was extremely helpful and the interactiveness was a great tool. The Role-Play Scenarios gave great direction. Excellent!!! ~~PENSACOLA, FL

**Great Resources. Clearly presented. Very helpful. DrBev was very prepared and understood our facility’s issues. I learned an immense amount of information.  DrBev made me feel supported in this process.  Thank You!!! ~~CAPE CORAL, FL

**Exceptional Experience.  Extreme Professionalism. ~~NAPLES, FL

**DrBev Mental Health Counseling provided materials necessary to successfully and thoroughly supervise registered interns.  Excellent real world examples. ~~NEW PORT RICHEY, FL

**GREAT COURSE!!! Through training. DrBev provided an out-look on the business aspect of supervision. Her handouts were specific and related to topic. ~~NEW PORT RICHEY, FL.

**The training was amazing. Very important and challenging issues were addressed responsibly and thoroughly. This was one of the best training’s I have ever attended. DrBev is very knowledgeable and very graciously and generously shared her knowledge. I enjoyed her energies and presence. Thank you so much. ~~NEW PORT RICHEY, FL.

**I enjoyed the small setting and open communication. I enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with a group of other professionals regarding the supervision process and believe that I am now armed with a lot of tools to begin this journey.~~NEW PORT RICHEY, FL.

**I really enjoyed DrBev’s way of teaching us, WOW it was experiential verses lecture! Thank you so much for bringing yourself and all that you are to the table. Excellent! Really enjoyed learning from you. I really enjoyed learning how to build my business and expand my expertise.~~ORLANDO, FL.

**DrBev had good handouts. She helped me get a good idea of what my contract as a supervisor should look like. She is inspiring and a motivating presenter. I felt confident, knowledgeable and clear expectations on how to be a qualified Supervisor. I feel felt free to express my worries and questions. ~~ORLANDO, FLORIDA.

**Thank you for this opportunity!!! I enjoyed the experiential format and never a dull moment.. ~~ORLANDO, FL.

**DrBev’s personal attention to my specific needs was excellent!!! The personal and professional aspects of the training were the BEST! I learned of a lot about the business aspects of being expert.~~ORLANDO, FL.

**Course was thorough and well organized. Beverly was dynamic, engaging and serious about participants becoming ‘Highly Qualified Supervisors’. She is a wonderful presenter and role model! DrBev Mental Health Counseling, Qualified Supervisor Training course expanded my understanding of my role, responsibilities and support expected of me being ‘The Expert Supervisor’ for my supervisees. ~~SARASOTA, FL.

**”I cannot say enough how much I appreciate the training. It far exceeded what I expected. The small group setting kept it dynamic, kept me focused and involved. Ultimately leaving me feeling prepared as a Supervisor, while also encouraged and renewed as a therapist (and a person). ~~SATELLITE BEACH, FL.

**”I enjoyed the free-flow class structure. The role-plays were very helpful. I enjoyed the additional resources. This course adequately prepared me to be a Qualified Supervisor. I feel confident in the skills learned throughout the training. ~~SATELLITE BEACH, FLORIDA.

**”DrBev Mental Health Counseling was flexible and accommodating. Her style as the trainer allowed the participants to be open to discuss their own style being and incorporating their authenticity into supervision. I enjoyed the process of sharing experiences with other professionals and hearing their feedback on different issues pertaining to supervision and therapy. ~~SATELLITE BEACH, FL.


**The Opening exercise was GREAT to facilitate the organizational and operational process;  and procedures for us as Qualified Supervisors. ~~JACKSONVILLE, FL.

**Beverly was a hopeful, compassionate teacher and therapist. The training was well done. ~~JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA.

**Wonderful experience. It was nice to meet and be a part of such a wonderful group. It was a true inspirationally filled epiphany and will help to guide me along my spiritual journey. ~~JACKSONVILLE, FL.

**Great Experience. The course gave me the confidence to be not an expert supervisor; Belief that “I am The Expert Supervisor.” First day of class my anxiety and blood pressure dropped. Second day my fears completely disappeared. ~~FORT LAUDERDALE, FL.

**I loved the dynamics and chemistry of the group. I learned a great deal from all the participants, which was a bonding, supportive and unique experience in and of itself. I look forward to other courses with DrBev Mental Health Counseling. I felt very empowered and motivated to complete my vision – private practice and supervision. ~~FORT LAUDERDALE, FL.

**It was a great learning experience and motivational as it lead me begin thinking about new ideas and programs for my private practice. ~~FORT LAUDERDALE, FL.

**I felt very in tuned and connected to DrBev including the other professional participants in the training. I am now extremely inspired to be all I can be and feel competent in myself and supervisory abilities. Thank you DrBev !!! ~~FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA.

**The training was good and provided many examples for applying “How and what to do now” contracts and professional standards for new supervisors. ~~FORT LAUDERDALE, FL.

**Good experience, not only did I learn from presenter’s expertise, but also from participants discussions which encourage me with a “Can Do” spirit during the sessions. ~~FORT LAUDERDALE, FL.

**I Really enjoyed my training; Feel like I have tangible ideas of what to DO with Supervisees. I feel prepared to start working with Supervisees immediately and I am excited! I enjoyed Beverly DrBev Jackson as presenter and the other attendees insights and knowledge.. ~~Daytona, FLORIDA.

**Loved the interaction and the structure of the course. I feel adequately prepared. My experience was excellent and I am so glad I choose this course with DrBev Mental Health Counseling.. ~~Daytona, FL.

**AMAZING TRAINING. I feel empowered to integrate this training in all areas of my life. DrBev Mental Health Counseling Course is more than it’s agenda, I feel like she was so responsive to my questions. I love the role-play, real-world examples, and visual aids. . ~~NAPLES, FLORIDA.

**INSPIRING. Amazing. Invigorating. Refreshing. EXPERT TRAINER!!!. ~~NAPLES, FL.

*Excellent training.  Individual focus greatly enhances experience.  One hour of individual training is as effective as four hours of group training in terms of absorbing  and mastering supervision material.~~ TAMPA, FL.

**This training was WAY more than a Qualified Supervisor Training.  This was a very didactic and experiential training that allowed us to experience the transformation process that DrBev has taught us to bring to our interns.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  The Highest part of me recognizes and appreciates the highest part of you.~~Namaste!!! ~~PORT ST. LUCIE, FL.

**Just want to say thank you for your openness, knowledge base, ability to accept the world(s) as one is able to see!  Blessings, gratitude and much excitement.  Transforming the world one person at a time.  From my little child to yours — loving it! And this opportunity to learn and grow.~~PORT ST. LUCIE, FL

**Thank you for the unique and dynamic experience.  It was a pleasure collaborating with you and I appreciate your encouragement to write my book(s), step out of my comfort zone, and tell more stories.  Best of luck to you DrBev!!!~~~PORT ST. LUCIE, FL.

**AWESOME!!! Helped me re-discover my strong self.~~WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA.

**I learned so many great skills and gained confidence I have always had but lost sight of at times.  Loved the real world examples and role plays.  You have an amazing way to get my ‘Cat-Woman” to be out and stay out, THANK YOU!!!~~WEST PALM BEACH, FL.

*I liked the didactic portion of the training.  Learned quite a bit about supervision and interventions.  Training, VERY WELL DONE!! ~~TAMPA, FLORIDA.

**Training was excellent and met my ALL EXPECTATIONS!!!  ~~ORLANDO, FL.

**I truly appreciate your ability to have the training directed/specified to my level and needs.  I feel blessed for having chosen you!  Thanks so much (with my head/neck roll – LOL!!!).~~ORLANDO, FL.

*Training was exceptional.  The authentic and personal approach by DrBev gets you motivated for taking the Step.  She is true pleasure, inspirational and effective.  I will continue to follow her and refer.~~BOCA RATON, FL.

**”This Training far exceeded my Expectations! The creative way this Training was presented to me made learning and discussing the material interesting and helpful. I am so appreciative of all the information and support the presenter provided. ~~ORLANDO, FLORIDA.


DrBev is a National Certified Counselor, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and a Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist, Seminar - WorkShop Facilitator, Radio Personality, Author and President and Educational Director of DrBev Mental Health Counseling.
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