Co-Occurring Disorders as Related to Shame Based Behaviors Training

This course counts as 3 CEUs

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The Mental Health Training course is expected to be didactic, live and interactional, not a home-study or book and test based learning experience.

The training course is designed to improve the ability of providers in a variety of settings to support clients in choosing behavioral changes that reduce their risk of substance abuse, mental health disorders, and acquiring or transmitting HIV.

Co-Occurring Disorders will promote dialogue concerning the role of “shame” and the reduction of the self-escalating spiral of misery, self-abuse, and/or abuse of others for clients, consumers, and patients.

Course training can be an exciting and mutually rewarding process when approached in the proper way. Keep in mind, that you are furthering your education for the betterment of you as a therapist and the betterment of the lives of your patients and colleagues. New theories and information are consistently becoming available, allowing these courses and your experience to remain fresh and stimulating.

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