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I am a Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist (in person or virtual), National Certified Counselor, Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Certified Florida Highly Qualified Supervisor, Educator, World Traveler, Future Philanthropist and Humanitarian.

MY BACKGROUND INCLUDES: Group Facilitator, Psychological Assessor, Foster-Care, Reunification and adoption Specialist, Substance Abuse Counselor, Dual Diagnosis Counselor, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Intervention Therapist, Incarcerated Male Psychotherapist, At-Risk Children Behavioral Specialist, Hip-Hop Radio Therapist, Psychology and Gerontology Professor, Transitioning High School Students, Autism Educator, Public Speaking, & Metaphysics.

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The Emotional State of Being F.I.N.E.

Relationships are kinda like the weather, just wait a few minutes and it might change. But what really constitutes a great relationship? What if your relationship is perfectly FINE? Of course that depends on how you define F.I.N.E.

DrBev takes on a topic that impacts about every one of us RELATIONSHIPS.

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…At Least Not Today!

sad woman

The risk for suicidal behavior is complex. Research suggests that people who attempt suicide differ from others in many aspects of how they think, react to events, and make decisions. There are differences in aspects of memory, attention, planning, and emotion, for example. These differences often occur along with disorders like depression, substance use, …

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In An Abusive Relationship? Here Are The Signs

It’s designed to confuse you. First come the fists, then come the apologies, promises and loving gestures. You’re told you’re the only one that can help. You’re told this is the last time. You’re told you can’t leave, that they’ll find you. Do you know the signs that you’re in an abusive relationship?

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