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I am a Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist (in person or virtual), National Certified Counselor, Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Certified Florida Highly Qualified Supervisor, Educator, World Traveler, Future Philanthropist and Humanitarian.

MY BACKGROUND INCLUDES: Group Facilitator, Psychological Assessor, Foster-Care, Reunification and adoption Specialist, Substance Abuse Counselor, Dual Diagnosis Counselor, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Intervention Therapist, Incarcerated Male Psychotherapist, At-Risk Children Behavioral Specialist, Hip-Hop Radio Therapist, Psychology and Gerontology Professor, Transitioning High School Students, Autism Educator, Public Speaking, & Metaphysics.

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Hot NEWS!!!! DrBev Really did it…

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MOVED ON…………from you know where to opening a practice of  my own.  I know I said I would not do it again.  I did it….Now […]

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Teens Living In An Age Of Fear

teenage girl

Society and circumstances are changing faster than any of us can fully comprehend. If you blink – you’ll find yourself ten steps behind and technologically out of date. Let’s face it – it is a different playing field today and if you don’t have the right tools and the proper mindset – you’re lost! Just look at these numbers…

The average teen sends close to …

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Just Say NO! Regain Your Personal Power & Positive Self-Esteem

just say no carved into a tree

“No” is a lesson that we’ve carried from our earliest memories, and these memories are encapsulated in deep emotions. We have to negotiate around that little word “no” to be able to release some of our limitations that we have placed on ourselves. The key is to learn how to regain your personal power and positive self-esteem.

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