Autism, Profound & Cognitive Impairments

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Autism, Profound & Cognitive Impairments

For children with disabilities, IDEA specified that the services delineated on the IEP should be provided by individuals with the highest qualification.


If your child requires any of the following, consult DrBev: Unique placement (e.g., private school, residential treatment center, same day classroom, mainstream), One-to-one aide, Psychological counseling, Behavioral intervention (e.g., ABA), Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, Physical Therapy,and/or  Assessments.  ASK ABOUT SPECIAL FEES FOR NEW CLIENTS (EDUCATIONAL FILE REVIEW).

  • DrBev successfully passed Florida Teacher Certification Examination Exceptional Student Education K – 12 (2008).  She taught students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, TMH, hearing and sight disabilities based on IEP and academic requirements.  DrBev earned the Professional Crisis Management, Practitioner 2 Certification she demonstrated the proficiencies expected in Student Crisis Management (2008 & 2009).
  • DrBev’s evaluation of professional growth as a teacher, concluded high performing marks in competency promoting student growth and performance.  The principal noted “Fantastic first year!  All your students made huge gains, socially, behaviorally, and academically.”  Also, I worked for several months  with  profound disabilities including physical, verbal, hearing and sight.   DrBev duties included student’s hygiene (changing diapers & pull-ups for non-ambulatory students as well as, feeding by tube and spoon assist. (2009-2010).

I believe that autism doesn’t have to be limiting.

I think of myself as the Ann Sullivan of Autism.  Before Helen had language she didn’t know she was separate from the world.  When Ms. Sullivan taught Helen Keller the sign for water the entire universe began to unfold.  The ‘blind’ Helen was no longer the rain when water fell from the sky or the wind swirling around her.  Helen became a Human Being in a world of limitless possibilities.  With the guidance of Ms. Sullivan, Helen became a part of the world – with the ability to see herself as a ‘Self’.

I feel that I am Geppetto who breathed life into the puppet Pinocchio who then became a Being with his own life.  I want to teach ‘balance’ like riding a bike, transformational moments that your child can reproduce.  Like a tugboat I lead your child from ‘helplessness’ to be the captains of their own ship.  Together we create a partnership of unlimited possibilities.  In that, your child sees their capabilities, knows him/her self in the world and their immediate environment.

For parents, I am your champion at the school system.  I was an insider; I taught students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, TMH, hearing and sight disabilities based on IEP and academic requirements.  I know the language, the key words and technical lingo to get the your message across to school administrators, “I am in your corner.”  I don’t believe in “Yes, but…”

I want for your child to not just survive, I want your child to achieve, thrive and more.  I believe that wherever your child is on the spectrum, we can tap into where they are in the present and increase their quality of life.  “I know every highly educated, well intention expert you’ve met has said what your child ‘cannot, will not be able to accomplish.  That is the “death sentence” of autism, well, together we can erase the death sentence and replace it with Life.

There is something your child is doing routinely that equates to an academic access point for their education.  Together we find what ‘thing’ that is driving the ‘what if’ and expand the ‘what if’ into a capability.  What others have seen as the end of your child’s capabilities, I see as the jumping off point for exploring and discovering their talent, genius, and skills.  As example by a young lady, age 19, who could complete a 193 piece, computer puzzle of artist Matisse within 45 minutes of less.  However, before working with her, her IEP stated, she was “A nice girl” who could not sit for 20 minutes and could not follow-thru on simple tasks 3 out of 5 times.

I am a National Certified Counselor, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and a Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist.  I believe I can be your “Miracle Worker.”  I am here for you, contact me today.




DrBev is a National Certified Counselor, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and a Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist, Seminar - WorkShop Facilitator, Radio Personality, Author and President and Educational Director of DrBev Mental Health Counseling.
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