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Perhaps All This ‘Political Chaos’ Is Good For The Country ?! DrBev & Malcolm Go At It


This Malcolm Out Loud episode has DrBev and Malcolm GOING AT IT! You can’t any more polar than where these two are on the political […]

Do you “JUICEY” take Responsibility, TODAY!


What?  Take responsibility!  What does that mean to you in your current day to day life ?  In DrBev’s World, Gestalt Principle, number four (GP4) the […]

NFL Monday Morning Quarterback, DrBev, Holla’!


DrBev joins Malcom for a insightful look into the NFL  including commentary on Ray Rice and Domestic Violence.  Finally, DrBev gets an opportunity to talk […]

GAME-CHANGER 2014: Love of Self ?

hours before he violently beat her.

Dr. Hendricks speaks with clarity about ideas like “Spirituality”, “Consciousness”, and “Genuine Love”  doctor of the Hendricks Institute in, Ojai California.  He has served for more […]

Treasures of the HEART – Dollars and SENSE?

DrBev Emotions R Us

The topic of money often stirs up emotions, attitudes, and beliefs about the world around us.  Unfortunately, in relationships money is often a taboo subject […]

A New Rule about Life: Just look the other way? No Not!

DrBev Emotions R Us

Are you dating someone with children? Moved in with a lover and you both have children. Planning an engagement event? Preparing for a Civil Union, […]

Just wish someone had told me! Commitmentphobia?

DrBev Emotions R Us

There are women and men who cannot love someone outside of their immediate family. And, they feel unstable when emotions for another person rise within […]

Thank You Beautiful: Abandonment! I Will Love Again.


After Beautiful left me, told me we were over I was devastated. How could this be happening to me, again? I knew she said she […]

Relationships: Denial, Lies and Betrayal, oh no!


“Denial may be worn like a cloak to hide a fear of intimacy or feelings of vulnerability.”~~ In DrBev’s World.  Repeated experiences of   denial, […]

Want MORE Love and Intimacy? Be a Happy Valentine’s YOU!

sexy valentines

DrBev, can committed relationships can benefit from Valentine’s Day, especially if the romance has faded?  My case is a good example, like many committed relationships—ours has […]


Depression Expression

DrBev, it’s been so hard for me to Read between the lines of my life. My lines has often been called by many names, such […]